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At Alder Spring we can offer you a range of bottled spring water products from Alder Spring Pure Spring Water in its own bottle to branded or custom branded 500ml bottles, to 19 l bottles for water coolers. Caps can be the sports type or a simple screw on; and we also have a range of different colours to choose from too

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Alder Spring pure spring water bottled @ source on the Cheshire borders.

500ml: Alder Spring Pure Spring Water is convenience in a bottle this enables you to fit it in with any lifestyle and meet all your hydration needs. packaged in a light weight 15g bottle with the choice of a screw cap or sports cap, you never need to be without while you are out and about.  

19 L: We can supply you with the whole kit and caboodle, so if you want a big bottle we can supply it. All we ask you do is bring the bottle back when you have finished with it and we can start all over again.

Because these bottles are reused we are very careful in our processes, our quality control is stringent and we do ask that, you are as aware as we are about how your customers care for your bottles. If you look after your bottles they can last for years making the process very green. But if you don’t the bottles will turn green and you will have to recycle them, and we all know how much that can cost.

Great For: Home or Office

500ml Range

Our water is packed into bottles which are 500ml PET in two different shapes, two different colours, a choice of two different caps and is sold in packs of 24 (although smaller packs are available on request). Simply choose your combination, and place your order today.


Our bottles

Our bottles are available as either a 'Sports', or a 'Wave' style body. The bottle pictured to the left is an example of our wave bottle with a sports cap, in blue. In addition, the wave bottle is available as a clear body. A 'Sports' bottle to the right with a plain blue screw cap.

Blue Wave
Preview Clear Wave Preview Blue Sports

The caps

Once you've selected the bottle, you have option of two styles of bottle cap. The traditional screw on bottle cap, as pictured on the bottle to the left, or a pull out sport cap.

Sports cap

Running to the office or working out, life on the move can generate a big thirst. This one delivers pure refreshment.

Our Alder Spring 500ml sport bottles are specifically designed for sports performance - easy to handle and drink from, our new sports bottles are a source of natural refreshment on the move.

Great for: People on the move, Sports, Lunchboxes.

Screw cap

At home, in work, at school, at play, water is essential. Alder Spring delivers pure refreshment where ever you are and whoever you are.

Our Alder Spring water with a flat cap - easy to handle and drink from, our spring water is a source of natural refreshment.

Great for: Everybody, for every occasion on the move or at home straight from the fridge.

Screw Cap
Sports Cap